Lightning Protection

atlas-logoWe offer a comprehensive lightning protection and earthing service which includes the supply of surge protection devices (SPD’s) and covers all facets of protection including design, installation, maintenance, test & inspection.

Full lightning protection systems are installed to divert high levels of electrical current from lightning strikes safely to the ground. Their purpose is to take the current to earth and to ensure the continued functioning of equipment, the protection of the structure and the safety of people on the site.

Lightning protection systems are designed for high frequency applications with lightning current peaking over a very short space of time.


SPD’s are designed to protect a structures electrical components from the effects of a lightning strike or surge. Phone lines, computers & office equipment, fire alarm systems and CCTV monitoring equipment are all examples of costly products which, if surged by lightning, can result in devastating and costly effects.

Regular testing and maintenance by our qualified engineers will identify any problems and ensure the continued efficiency of your system.

We work to the current B standing (BS EN62305)

Please contact us if you'd like to enquire about lightning protection and our test and maintenance services.