Test & Maintenance

St Ives Steeplejacks specialises in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of regulations compliant lightning protection and electrical earthing systems.

Maximising your return on investment in earthing and lightning protection requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum system performance, and it is a legal requirement that lightning protection testing is carried out regularly.

lightning3greyThe Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that lightning protection systems should be tested in accordance with the relevant British Standard (which will be either BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305, depending upon when the system was installed) at maximum intervals of twelve months.

All our engineers are fully experienced and trained to ensure the best Lightning Protection System is installed to the current British and European Standards.

All St Ives Steeplejack employees who report on Lightning Protection have proven competence, accredited by the Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS) to inspect and test systems.

St Ives Steeplejack Lightning Conductor engineers undertakes detailed inspection and testing of existing earthing and lightning protection systems. Following the test, in addition to your test certificate, you will also receive a comprehensive report on the condition of the system with our recommendations for repairs or upgrades where necessary to restore it to a compliant condition.

We recommend that your lightning protection system is tested at intervals of 11 months, meaning throughout 12 years your lightning protection system will have been tested during every in seasonal month of the year.

Applying this tried and tested method will allow the effect of seasonal variations in resistance or other characteristics of the system to be taken into account. Your lightning protection system will last for many years if properly installed and maintained by us.

Regular maintenance will ensure that, when your lightning protection system is called upon to protect your people, building and critical business assets, it is in a condition capable of doing so.

For more information on our earthing and lightning protection testing and maintenance services, to obtain a quotation or to request a visit please call our sales office on  01736756675 or email info@stivessteeplejacks.co.uk or fill in our online form